Air Hostess Training Courses & Institutes

Air Hostess Training Courses

About Air Hostess Training Courses 

The job of an Air Hostess has always inspired much interest among young girls owing to the glamour attached to the profession. Also the prospect of flying to different parts of the world has further enhanced the popularity of Air Hostess jobs among many high school pass-outs as well as fresh graduates. At present there are an increasing number of institutes that offer Air Hostess Training Courses. These are generally extensive courses that focus on areas such as Self Development, Personal Grooming and Fitness and Effective Communication Skills. Introduction to Aviation and Operational Training are also important part of the Air Hostess Training Courses offered by various institutes.

Eligibility Criteria for Air Hostess Training Courses 

The eligibility criteria for admissions to the Air Hostess Training Courses may vary depending on an institute. However most of the parameters remain more or less the same. In terms of age, candidates have to be within 17 to 24 years. Minimum academic qualification for applying to these courses is that candidates have to pass their 10+2 examination.A pleasant personality, good eyesight,slim figure, and a minimum height of 5.6’inches are pre-requisites for getting admission to air hostess training institutes in India.

Scope in this Field 

Candidates who have successfully completed the Air Hostess Training Courses have great career prospects in the airlines industry. If you have the right attitude and personality along with the physical specifications, you can apply for air hostess jobs with the best of international airlines in India and abroad. The pay packages in this field are also very attractive. Airhostess can be promoted to the higher post of Head Attendant and the Senior Flight Attendant.
 Air Hostess Training Institutes 

In the recent years a good number of air hostess training institutes have come up to cater to aspiring air hostesses in India. Some of the renowned training institutes include:
· Free Bird Aviation & Management Services, Kerala.
· Frankfinn Management Consultants (FMC)
· Pacific Airways New Delhi
· Air Hostess Academy (AHA)
· Aptima Air Hostess Academy

Air Hostess Training Institutes

About Air Hostess Training Institutes in India What does the job of an Air Hostess involve? As the name suggests, Air Hostess means playing hostess in the air. The job of an Air Hostess or a flight steward or a cabin crew member is to ensure that the passengers have a comfortable journey on flight. Air Hostess is a profession that attracts young and smart women with glamour, hard work, lot of travel and yes – a good pay package. It is the right career to be pursued if a woman loves to travel, meet new people and work hard. Women aged between 19 and 26 years can enroll in several Air Hostess training programs. Fulfill your dreams of a career in this field by knowing about the best Airhostess Training Institutes in India from this page.

An Air Hostess has to cope up with odd work timings, has to always sport a pleasant air and handle passengers with ease. A person who feels she has a knack to do all this will certainly enjoy being an Air Hostess or a flight steward or be a part of the cabin crew.

Air Hostess Training Modules

There are various Air Hostess training modules available that an aspirant can opt for – it can be a short-term Air Hostess training course that lasts not more than 3 to 6 months or courses that stretch for a year or more.

These Air Hostess or flight steward training courses focus on an overall personality development through which you can learn to be confident of yourself, to deal pleasantly with people, to carry yourself with grace, and other technical aspects related to flying. In times of crisis, it is an Air Hostess, who plays a vital role in keeping the passenger calm and helping them cope with the situation in hand. So, being an Air Hostess or flight steward or part of the cabin crew comes with a lot of responsibility.

Air Hostess Training Institutes in India

Several Air Hostess Training Institutes in India offer excellent training modules for shaping future air hostesses.
Name and Address
Courses Offered
Air Hostess Academy 48, Ring Road,
Lajpat Nagar III New Delhi-24
Phone: 011-29832771-75,
1-Year Aviation & Hospitality Management Diploma
Air Hostess Training Academy P 33, South
Ext II, New Delhi-49
Phone: 011-26520805,
1year/6 month/ 2 month diploma/ Certificate courses in Ticketing
Air Hostess Training Institute D-14, Lajpat
Nagar II, Near Central Market, New Delhi
Phone: 011-29833105,
29832891, 9811702468 
Rai University A-41, MRIE Mathura Road,
New Delhi-44
Phone: 011-26959000,
3 month/ 6 month Air Hostess Training


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